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ResqVester (tm) is a new economical safety and signaling system for use on lakes and oceans, intended to be attached to a life vest, also known as a PFD, or Personal Flotation Device. ResqVester's low price enables anyone out on a boat to have a multifunctional life saving system to enable rescue if the vessel overturns or you otherwise go overboard or the vessel is overturned.

resqvester ResqVester is also ideal for survival kits, especially on private planes. It is perfect for hikers and campers, especially on dangerous terrain. ResqVester should also be carried by snorkelers, scuba divers and others in case they are separated from their boat.

resqvester ResqVester offers a number of features. First, the system has a high intensity two chamber whistle which will make more noise and travel much farther over water than your voice. Shouting will make you go hoarse while blowing a whistle will not and you can keep it up much longer. Attached to the whistle is a compass to help you know which way land is.

Also attached is a tiny but high intensity led flasher which alternates between blue and red. The flasher activates by simply tightening it. It will operate continuously for over 6 hours, including underwater. The system comes with two sets of extra batteries.

Attached to the flasher is a float, or fishing bobber. The led flasher has a spring clip to remove it from the plastic coated stainless steel cable that holds all the parts together. The float is attached to the flasher so if the flasher is removed from the cable and dropped it will float. The entire ResqVester system will float with the float attached. The stainless steel cable has screw ends so other items can be attached or items replaced.

The most important feature is the tag. First, one side is a signaling mirror with an aiming sight which meets U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for signaling mirrors. One photo shows the camera image which demonstrates how reflective the mirror is. This vinyl mirror can be seen 10 miles away at minimum.

The paper tag is punched with a larger hole so that the tag is heat sealed around the hole before the grommet is attached with a hydraulic press. This keeps water from infiltrating the tag. The tag is printed on tough coated paper with a thermal process. The tag has a slot and hole at the top to allow it to be attached to a strap or other connection device. The tag is heat sealed 10mil plastic, the thickest available.

The other side includes contact information and instructions for anyone who was to find the ResqVester. The tag includes a serial number and includes free lifetime registration. This way, if the tag is found at sea, the USCG and other law enforcement will be able to know who the tag belongs to. Easy registration on our secure SSL website and update it any time.

This kit is for personal use. Another version is available for use by commercial vessels. ResqVester does not meet the signaling and safety requirements for vessels, it is for use on personal flotation devices.

This product was inspired by Perry and Austin, two 14 year old boys who went boating off of Jupiter, FL and disappeared. Their overturned boat was found but an extensive search by the USCG and private parties failed to find them. There was a media report that two life vests were found, but they were never affirmatively linked to the boys.

Spotting someone floating in the water is extremely difficult. As the quote from Channel 10 in Jupiter, FL said:

resqvester mirror Dr. Claude Piantadosi is a former Navy officer, avid boater and diver and a Duke University medical professor. He authored "The Biology of Human Survival: Life and Death in Extreme Environments." He said finding individuals outside of a boat, simply bobbing in the water, is intensely difficult.

"Single people in the ocean are the hardest to pick up," Piantadosi said.

From TV

With our ResqVester you will have a fighting chance of being found. Signal mirrors can be seen from many miles away. In the dark, the signal flasher can be seen from long distances.

resqvester flasher Do NOT go boating without ResqVester (tm) on every life vest and flotation device.

A waterproof mobile phone case is available as an option.

The 6" stainless steel cable is top quality non-magnetic stainless steel and has a yellow gold plastic coating. The registration tag is enclosed in 10mil heat sealed plastic. The cable goes through a hole punched in the tag which ist reinforced with a white brass grommet and metal washer to prevent the tag from separating. The tag also has a hole punched at the top for accessory items such as attaching a lanyard.

In addition, you can file boating plans online, and should you become overdue, the Coast Guard will be able to obtain your boating plan (like an aircraft flight plan) to aid in its search. You can also file hiking plans and other types of adventure plans to aid in search and rescue if you become overdue.

The system complies with U.S. Coast Guard standards. This system is intended for personal use with life vests and is not suitable to meet the signaling and other safety equipment regulations for a vessel. Please consult U.S. Coast Guard and state regulations for the safety equipment required on your boat.

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